Benedict XVI Catecheses on Prayer

I will try to put links of Benedict XVI new catecheses on prayer:

  1. Virtually Always and Everywhere, People Have Turned to God (4th May 2011)
  2. Man Bears Within Himself the Desire for God (11th May 2011)
  3. On Abraham’s Prayer (18th May 2011)
  4. On Jacob’s Wrestling with God (25th May 2011)
  5. On Moses’ Intercessory Prayer (1st June 2011)
  6. On Elijah’s Lessons in Prayer (15th June 2011)
  7. On Learning to Pray With the Psalms (22nd June 2011)
  8. Keep the bible near in times of vacation (3rd August 2011)
  9. Oasis of the spirit (10th August 2011)
  10. Meditation (17th August 2011)
  11. Art and Prayer (31st August 2011)
  12. He Listens, He Responds and He Saves According to His Ways (7th Sept 2011)
  13. On the prayer of Psalm 22 (14th Sept 2011)
  14. On the prayer of Psalm 23 (5th Oct 2011)
  15. On the prayer of Psalm 126 (12th Oct 2011)
  16. On the prayer of Psalm 136 (19th October 2011)
  17. On the prayer of Psalm 119 (10th November 2011)
  18. On the prayer of Psalm 110 (16th November 2011)
  19. On the prayer of Jesus (30th November 2011)
  20. On Jesus Cry of Exultation (7th December 2011)
  21. On Jesus’ Prayer as Love for God and Neighbor (14th December 2011)
  22. On the Holy Family’s Prayer (28th December 2011)
  23. On Our Lord Prayer at the Last Supper (11th January 2012)
  24. On the Priestly Prayer of Jesus (25th January 2012)
  25. On the Prayer of Jesus in Gathsemane (1st February 2012)
  26. On the Prayer of Jesus on the Cross (8th February 2012)
  27. On the last 3 words of Jesus Dying on the Cross (15th February 2012)
  28. On the silence of Jesus (7th March 2012)
  29. On the praying presence of Mary (14th march 2012)
  30. On the Apostles’ Response to Persecution (19th April 2012)
  31. On Prayer and Ministry (25th April 2012)
  32. On the Prayer of the first Christian Martyr (2nd May 2012)
  33. On St. Peter Imprisonment and Miraculous Release (9th May 2012)
  34. On Prayer in the Spirit (16th May 2012)
  35. On the Holy Spirit Prayer in us: Abba! Father! (23rd May 2012)
  36. On Prayer in St. Paul’s Letter (30th May 2012)
  37. On St. Paul experience of contemplative prayer (13th June 2012)
  38. On Prayer of Praise and Thanks (20th June 2012)
  39. On Prayer of St. Paul in the Letter to the Phillipians (27 th June 2012)
  40. On Prayer according to St. Alphonsus Liguori (1st Aug 2012)
  41. On the Prayer of St. Dominic (8th Aug 2012)
  42. On the martyrdom of St. John the Baptist (29th Aug 2012)
  43. On Prayer in Part 1 Revelation (5th Sept 2012)
  44. On Prayer in Part 2 Revelation (12th Sept 2012)
  45. On the Sacred Liturgy as a School of Prayer (26th Sept 2012)
  46. On the Ecclesial Nature of Liturgical Prayer (3rd Oct 2012)

3 Responses to Benedict XVI Catecheses on Prayer

  1. […] Benedict XVI recently gave a new series of teaching on the subject of prayer. I found out his teaching articles from Oka’s blog. […]

  2. Andy says:

    Thank you Oka for sharing this.
    I read it and find it very good to teach me more on prayer.

    I tried to share what I learned on this teaching here

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Oka!

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