Hi, I believe you can guess that my name is Oka 🙂

I have not much to share about me, but just want to share why I wrote “to be disciples of Christ according to His heart” as the title of this blog. Many times we choose how we want to be disciples of Christ. When it is ok and “can do”, then we say yes. But when it is difficult and rather “uncomfortable”, we start to “compromise”.

Recently, I felt that God is asking me, and I believe all of us, to be his disciples according to His heart, and not according to our own heart. We are called to empty our cup, and let him fill it with Himself.

One of my favorite saints is St. Francis of Asisi. And I love him because he follows the Gospel as it is, without “but” or “if”. He follows Jesus as He is. He is not afraid. And this is my prayer, that I want to follow Jesus in his way, and not my own way. Let him lead me along the way. I am yours, O Lord, and all that I have is yours.


4 Responses to About

  1. andy says:


    what happen to http://fiatvoluntastua.blogspot.com/ ???

    Change to a new one?

    thanks for the reflection.

  2. kurniawano says:

    Dear Andy,
    hehe ya the previous blog still on, but I never updated :p. I switched because last time I used a software to post offline, and it’s not compatible with blogspot. So I was recommended to use wordpress. That’s why I switched to WordPress.

  3. Yuklin says:

    thanks for going public with your desire to be a true disciple
    of Jesus. I have been thinking about this recently as I prepared some classes for novices. I like also John 8:31-32.
    God bless you and may your faith draw many others to know and
    love the Lord.

  4. Mbangowah Elvis says:

    This is a new dimension which our Christian’s today need to reflect on. Disciples of Christ need to witness in and out of season. May God bless you and widen your horizons so that you may reach out now and always

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