Lazarus Come Out

March 19, 2008

Two days ago the reading was about Lazarus.

It’s interesting to see that the people believed on account of Lazarus who came out of the tomb (v45). St. Escriva wrote that we can read the story in its spiritual sense, it is to tell us who are raised from sin to new life.

And the beauty is that when we rise from sin, it is Jesus that is glorified. People believed in Jesus.

I believed many occasions in our lives prove this truth. When we rise from sins, our lives becomes a testimony.

Most of the time, however, we don’t think we need to raise up, we prefer in the tomb. We don’t even know we are in the tomb!

Let us pray to Jesus to help us. Let us ask for His help. May he deliver us as he raise Lazarus from the tomb, from darkness into His wonderful light. And let our lives be a testimony that people may believed in Jesus.