Clothed in Christ

October 12, 2008

In our core team intercessory prayer last Saturday, the leader read the first reading from Gal 3:22-29. As she read the passage, one verse caught me,

All baptised in Christ, you have all clothed yourselves in Christ Jesus

(from my Jerusalem Bible translation)

Somehow this words bring to mind this year Easter vigil. I was asked by my brother to be his Godfather. I was rather hesitant in the beginning since I am not sure I can be a good Godparent. But in the end I said yes. During the Baptism ceremony at Easter Vigil, after the cathecuments were baptised, they were given a cloth, a white cloth with a cross. I helped to put on the cloth on him.

All baptised in Christ, you have all clothed yourselves in Christ Jesus.

What a beautiful imagery! What a reality! My Godson has been clothed in Christ Jesus, that from that moment on, what we see is christ!

I can’t recall the time when I was baptised. I was baptised when I was baby. But that’s Ok. The Lord has brought me into the fullness of a Christian life! The catholic charismatic renewal has bring that grace in my life. They called it the baptism in the Spirit. The sacraments became alive! I love Jesus and I want to follow Him 🙂

I felt appropriate to thank my parents who bring me into this Christian lives. What a treasure that they gave me! When I was baptised, I was clothed in Christ Jesus. From then on, I put on Christ.