How to read the bible through Allegory

May 14, 2008

There’s a wonderful article from about How to read the bible. It continues Pope Benedict’s XVI criticism on interpreting scripture passages using historical criticsm method only without faith.

There’s a plenty of example of how the early church interpretes the scripture. It’s delightful to read. I felt one of the reasons many people simply go to historical criticism only without faith in interpreting the scripture is because it is easy. One does not need to have a deep relationship with the Lord to do it. One just need to be a scholar.

But to read with faith requires meditation, love, and relationship. This is hard for many in today’s world. But the Scripture is about this Love story of the Father made real in the Son, and revealed by the Holy Spirit. That’s why Pope Benedict urges the church to rediscover the beauty of Lectio Divina,  sacred reading.

You can google “lectio divina” to know further 🙂